Upcoming Web Series on Amazon Prime in December 2021 : Release Date, Snap Shot and much more

By 2021, online streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video will continue to grow. Digital media platforms are getting more vibrant day by day, and the internet is shaping how we consume entertainment. Amazon Prime Video will be working to ensure that December will be one of the best months for entertainment.

There are new web series aimed at viewers’ entertainment. Here, we are presenting upcoming web series releasing in 2021 on Amazon Prime. These are the web series you should not miss to watch in 2021. They are better, bolder, and bigger than anything you’ve seen before.

Here is a list of the Upcoming Web Series on Amazon Prime in December 2021

HARLEM Season : 1

Release Date : 3rd December

Harlem Web Series

Discover the hilarious antics of four girls in the big city with this laugh-out-loud comedy series. From Girls Trip writer Tracy Oliver, this series follows four ambitious friends with diverse backgrounds as they try to pursue their individual careers without losing themselves in the process. It follows a group of four women as they struggle to figure out their lives and how to balance their friendships, careers, and relationships.

ENCOUNTER Season : 1

Release Date : 10th December

Encounter on Amazon Prime

Moviegoers interested in the timely issues of immigration and climate change will want to check out the sci-fi drama Searching. The film, which made its debut earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival, tells the story of a detective trying to track down his missing Asian-American son after he mysteriously disappeared. The webseries is co-written, edited and directed by Aneesh Chaganty.

From director M. Night Shyamalan, starring Riz Ahmed, Isaac Jermyn, Sonoya Mizuno and Betty Buckley. Held captive by an extraterrestrial race for ten years, contraband smuggler Col. Jack Burger is freed by two strangers who tell him that his sons have been left behind on Earth. Determined to rescue them, he embarks on a dangerous journey home aided by a young woman, who suddenly becomes his enemy after she displays unusual powers. Some audiences will perceive the film as “not great” but recommend it because of the performance of cast members.


Release Date : 10th December

 LOL: Last One Laughing - Season 1 | Prime Video

You’ll laugh so hard until you cry. LOL: Last One Laughing Mexico is now streaming onAmazon Prime Video. From the producers who brought you The Office, This Is Us, and Undercover Boss comes LOL: Last One Laughing Mexico, a space for top comics to let loose without having to hold back their laughter. Ten comedians will be locked away in a house without adornment and electronic devices. They will only be armed with their sense of humor and no laughing will be allowed, so you better prepare for true hilarity. The winner of the series will be able to donate money to his or her charity of choice.

Ten contenders are pitted against each other in absurd comedy elimination games, but only the last comic standing wins grand prize. The series also features guest appearances by Ricky Gervais, John Mayer, Chris Pratt, and Melissa McCarthy.

WITH LOVE Season : 1

Release Date : 17th December

Amazon Original Series With Love

This five-episode web series features a whole new lineup of characters, all set during a different holiday throughout the year.During the festive holidays, love can be foundand lost. This charming rom-com consists of five romantic episodes set during a different holiday throughout the year, in a unique four-part anthology series. From a spring-time wedding to a long-awaited reunion with an old friend, find out what’s in store for Lily and Jorge in “Winter,””Spring,””Summer,” and “Fall.”


Release Date : 21st December

Being the Recardos'  Amazon Original

The film BEING THE RICARDOS offers a never-before-seen glimpse into the complex relationship between I Love Lucy stars Lucille Ball (Kidman) and Desi Arnaz (Bardem). Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman and Golden Globe winner Daniel Day, Lewis star as the iconic Lucy and Desi, in a story set during one of the most turbulent times in the lives of this beloved couple.

 BEING THE RICARDOS charts the rise of one of television’s first super couples, tracing their climb to fame and fortune, and their love story that was played out in the glare of the public eye. From Executive Producers Steven Spielberg, David Ellison and several others, and it is based on true story as written by writer/director Joel Cohen.

The Expanse Season : 6

Release Date : 10th December

The Expanse Season Amazon Prime Video

The sixth and final season of the epic sci-fi series The Expanse begins this December, after a 14-month hiatus. The crew of the Rocinante reunite to try to turn the tide against Marco Inaros’ revolutionaries, who threaten their mission to unlock the secrets of the protomolecule.

 The epic interplanetary drama charts a new chapter in humanity’s expansion into the solar system. Under constant threat of attack, Earth, Mars and The Belt must find a way to live together or risk returning to the horrors of a never-ending war.

Behind The Legend Season : 1

Release Date : 8th December

FC Bayern - Behind the Legend"

Football fans can look forward to the docuseries”FC Bayern: Behind the Legend” (Dec. 8), which will reveal previously unknown facets of the team to fans and non-fans alike: The cameras get close to the players to spotlight their daily work and answer questions such as: How did FC Bayern become a winner? How does FC Bayern train and prepare for an important match? What do FC Bayern’s leaders do in conjunction with the coaching staff? What insights does the training camp give us into the club? And what is like living like a professional football player?

These new FC Bayern docuseries takes a look back at FC Bayern’s history, following a journey from the club’s founding in 1900 to the present day. The viewer gets an inside look at the people who put together the pieces of the puzzle that make up FC Bayern today.

Yearly Departed

Release Date : 23rd December

Yearly Departed on Prime Video:

Don’t miss your last chance to see a true Christmas tradition. Comedy Central’s roast of the year-end specialwebseries “Yearly Departed” (Dec. 23, 10:00 p.m. ET/PT) will feature Lisa Lampanelli, Margaret Cho, Jackie Hoffman, Nikki Glaser and roast master Michelle Wolf taking on the women in pop culture from 2018 who left us too soon, from Aretha Franklin to Barbara Bush to Kate Spade.

This year, more than ever before, the world lost more comedy legends than it could keep track of. In a special year-end extended episode, get ready for big laughs from an all-star lineup of some of the funniest women out there including Sharon Clausen, Melissa Doglegs & Katie Kolinka. They’re here to say goodbye to old friends and bring in a brand new year of laughter.

Sleepless In Seattle

Release Date : 1st December

Sleepless In Seattle | Prime Video

Help Dottie finally track down the man who dreamed of being with her before he died. This is a follow up series to the very popular movie “Sleepless in Seattle”. The show revolves around Dottie, played by Meg Ryan, who gets into contact with the writer Tom (played by Bill Pullman) years after they both shared an emotional moment on the ferris wheel at Pike Place Market. Their kids- Jack (played by Zachary Nichols), Oscar (played by Eric Nenninger), and Daisy (played by Brooke Drain) also make appearances in this new story about finding true love.

If you love rom-coms, you’ll love Sleepless in Seattle. As directed by Nora Ephron (director of When Harry Met Sally), this classic stars Tom Hanks as Sam Baldwin, a reporter who reunites with his son Jonah (Ross Malinger) after he finds out his wife has fallen ill. The problem? He doesn’t know how to be a single parent anymore. While Sam writes the story, he falls in love with Annie Reed (Meg Ryan), the woman who’s listening to the radio call-in show that he’s on. She falls for him too.  Streaming now on Amazon Prime Video, Sleepless in Seattle is a charming new series based on the romantic comedy classic. Watch the stars of the film, Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Bill Pullman, Rosie O’Donnell, Rita Wilson, and Dennis Quaid, reunite for four modern interconnected tales about finding your soul mate.

Talladega Nights

Release Date : 1st December

 Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Get prepared for your ultimate Ricky Bobby experience with Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby webseries on Amazon Prime. This 2008 movie is the based on the real NASCAR driver and comedian Will Ferrell. Ricky Bobby is a funny guy who doesn’t just win races, he’s also funny. After drawing the ire of his boss, Bill France Jr., Ricky Bobby gets in a car accident and ends in a coma. He is in for a big surprise and it is hilarious!

For 9 seasons, you’ve been watching Ricky Bobby drive to the finish line – now, experience his most exciting racing moments from behind the wheel.Hilarious, charming and tremendously watchable, Talladega Nights features an ensemble cast led by NASCAR superstar Will Ferrell. His character Ricky Bobby drives alongside his best friend Cal (John C. Reilly) in pursuit of yet another Nextel Cup title, but the icy rivalry between teammates puts the duo at odds with each other. Supporting player Jane Lynch won an Emmy for her role as Ricky’s tough-as-nails girlfriend Carley.

Thin Red Line Season : 1

Release Date : 1stDecember 2021

The Thin Red Line

Thin Red Line is a gripping movie told from the point of view of a soldier, who confronts his own fear and self-doubt while attempting to protect his group. A poignant story of love, sacrifice and heroism in the face of war. It follows the lives of a team of firefighters and their families as they battle fires during World War 2, go to classes, and fall in love. With its gender balanced cast, millennials on film highlight fresh talent in the industry

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The big Amazon announcement is here and the word around town is that at least 11 directors have been tapped to create episodic content for the powerhouse industry geeks. Here, the list of upcoming webseries about space, career coaches, magical dragons & mystical creatures shows that these webseries will surely be going extraordinary and you are going to enjoy a lot this December.

Do comment us below that which one is your favourite!

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