Upcoming WebSeries in December 2021

Here’s what’s coming to Netflix in December 2021. Why not start this December with a new adventure, comedy, or epic drama to binge on.

Netflix has so many awesome movies and shows on tap for December 2021, but if you don’t have time to watch them all now there’s no need to worry. We’ve taken the liberty of listing them below.We’ve seen some really good months for new Netflix movies and shows in 2021. July was incredible with Outer Banks, Virgin River, Fear Street, Gunpowder Milkshake and more. September was also really good with Lucifer , Sex Education, Squid Game, Midnight Mass, and more.

This is one of the most exciting times of the year for Netflix subscribers. There are always a ton of new releases to choose from, but December 2021 is easily bigger and better than both of those months.

Best Netflix movies

Netflix offers a huge collection of movies, series and TV shows, including originals, making it one of the most popular streaming services. Netflix offers a chance for viewers to catch up on past favorites, discover new favorites, and stream a variety of options.

Get ready for December to hit you like a ton of Christmas presents from Netflix! This month’s collection of new movies on Netflix includes Christmas classics, Oscar contenders, Netflix originals, and more!

Upcoming WebSeries on Netflix in December 2021

Aryanak Season : 1

Release Date : 10th December

Image Source : Netflix

Aryanak is a crime-thriller web series that has been directed by Vinay Waikul, written by Charudutt Acharya & Rohan Sippy. The series also features Raveena Tandon, Ashutosh Rana, Zakir Hussain, Parambrata Chattopadhyay and Saurav Khurana in important roles. It releases on December 10 on Netflix India and Hotstar.

Aryanak is an Indian crime thriller series that pulls from the ancient myths to tell a modern, urban story. When a local murder is investigated further it is found that the old myths are true.  A young officer (Raveena Tandon) returns to her hometown after cracking a difficult case and gets drawn into another mystery when two murders occur. She teams up with a local criminal investigator (Ashutosh Rana), and together they uncover a sinister plot that involves the ancient stories of Ila-Vrindavan and the eunuch devotees of Lord Krishna (known as Aaranya Naarey).

The Witcher Season 2

Release Date : 17th December

The Witcher season 2
Image Source : Netflix

The Witcher season 2 is all set to arrive on Netflix by the end of this year. After the fate of Iron Throne in the Games of Thrones finale, we have to wait for months for the next fantasy fix to arrive. Netflix had announced that this one will be coming on 17th December 2021. And Henry Cavill is returning as the monster hunter Witcher and continuing his adventure across the vast world!

The Witcher is an action-packed series based on the fantasy novels of the same name from Poland. The books were written by Andrzej Sapkowski , who has been writing about the series since the 80s, and had a pretty good following ever since. It’s a world of monsters, a mix between sci-fi and fantasy, of politics and war with a dash of romance sprinkled throughout.

Decoupled Season 1 

Release Date : 17th December

Decoupled (Season 1) 2021 on Netflix
Image Source : Netflix

Decoupled Season 1 is a comedy-based web series that is coming on December 17, 2021. It is produced and directed by R Madhavan and produced by R Madhavan Productions and Netflix . The web series stars R Madhavan and Surveen Chawla in the lead roles. The series will be coming on 17th December 2021. This web series has gained a lot of hype due to its casting and also the anticipation from the release date.

Decoupled is a series about a happily married couple and their struggle to cope with the challenges to their marriage when Ravi (R Madhavan) suffers from chronic objectivity where he cannot lie! It is about his struggle to cope with this disease, and how it effects his relationship with others.

Emily in Paris Season 2

Release Date : 22nd December

Emily in Paris Season 2
Image Source : Netflix

If you love Sex and the City, then you will love this new star-studded Netflix series. Emily Parker (Melissa Fitzpatrick) is a lead news anchor who gets sent to Paris to cover the story of an ISIS attack. When there she runs into her old friend, Eloise (Maria Kousi), who runs the most popular party in town. And lucky for you, it’s coming to Netflix on December 22 , so look out for it!

 Jamtara Season 2 

Release Date : December (no date announced)

Jamtara Season 2 (Netflix) Web Series
Image Source : Netflix

Netflix has officially announced the release of the second season of Jamtara. It is one of the most successful web series in India that was based on a true event in Jamtara. They took their social media account to disclose the details for the upcoming season.

Come to a dark world where you will get a glimpse of the scamming world, the bank detail callers and other scams. The season 2 of this series is ready for the public and it is going to be accessible from December 2021 on Netflix! Some interesting facts about the upcoming season are that it will be based on a real event that happened in Jamtara, West Bengal. The writer of this series, Bilal Ashraf will also return to write down the second installment of Jamtara.

Delhi Crime season 2

Release Date : December (no official announcement)

Delhi Crime Season 2
Image Source : Netflix

Delhi Crime is a crime thriller drama-based web series that is directed by Rajesh Mapuskar, Tanuj Chopra and produced under S K Global Entertainment.

Commissioner Vartika Chaudhary is the main character of the Delhi Crime. She solves the most complicated cases in most talented ay. Watch the crime thriller drama-based web series by Netflix to know how she fights against fake cases and fight for justice.

The Power of the Dog Season 1

Release Date : 1st December

The Power of the Dog Netflix
Image Source : Netflix

The Power of Dog, a new Western drama from Jane Campion, brings to the screen the sweeping story of a rancher turned cowboy, seeking revenge for his father’s murder, who falls into an uneasy alliance with his father’s killer. The series follows Lucky Gerard on his chase across the cruel landscape of Wyoming territory in 1889. When Lucky was one, his mother was brutally attacked by wild dogs. He is forever haunted by this traumatic childhood experience, and it fuels both his fury at the world and his power over dogs.

Nicole Byer: BBW (Big Beautiful Weirdo) Season : 2

Release Date : 7th December

Nicole Byer: BBW (Big Beautiful Weirdo) Season : 2
Image Source : Netflix

Netflix has a hit comedy special from Nicole Byer called A Black Lady Sketch Show! It’s already out on Netflix and I’m excited for you to see it. The special is full of funny humor about everything. During the special she talks about her experiences on the dating site “Tinder” and how it has changed since society has become more accepting of diverse relationships. She breaks down the types of requests she gets on Tinder and I am sure you will find something you can relate to.

In her first Netflix comedy special, comedian Nicole Byer makes light of everything from cat funerals to lockdown hookups. It’s a hilarious hour of stand-up that audiences will love—and a sure win for Nicole’s next big step in comedy.     

Twentysomethings: Austin (December 10)

Release Date : 10th December T.V series

Twentysomethings: Austin
Image Source : Netflix

No more boring binge-watching, because if there’s anything we demand from a new TV series, it’s real drama and interesting characters. That’s why Netflix announced today that it will release our brand new favorite show, Hook ‘em  Horns, on its platform. The show is described as a “coming-of-age reality series set in Austin, Texas, in which 20-somethings finds love and friendship and a new adventure is appreciated.” Plus, each episode will begin with a live music performance filmed. Join the cast in the renewal of their friendships, romances, and their complicated lives (in an overly dramatic Texas way) in the upcoming webseries on Netflix  called upcoming  series.

Selling Tampa Season : 1

Release Date :15th December

Selling Tampa Season : 1
Image Source : Netflix

If you’ve been craving more of Southern Charm’s Shep and Kathryn, or can’t get enough of the lives that the Real Housewives of New York lead, you’re in luck: Netflix is set to debut a brand-new episodic series that you’re going to love. Set around real estate agency Allure Realty, which is owned by a group of real-life socialites, actresses and businesswomen who have been entrenched in Atlanta’s social scene for years.

The dynamic women behind Allure Realty, an all-female, Black-owned real estate agency in Los Angeles, are the stars of this new reality series that premieres on Netflix summer 2016. Set in the cutthroat world of Los Angeles real estate, the series centers around the everyday life of the four female principals who form this agency who don’t just work together, but also they live together. With opening titles by Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy), fans will enjoy the humor and heartwarming moments as much as they will crave getting tips on purchasing or selling a home—or at least

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We look forward to seeing some beautiful, long-form content being produced for December 2021. After all this is an exciting time for storytelling through technology, and these webseries will likely push the boundaries of what’s considered “web-adaptable”. This is not just our opinion, either. Executives at Netflix admit they too are looking forward to what webmade video has to offer. They have the luxury of patience, and a large customer base that is willing to wait for streaming and smart TVs to catch up with 4K technology I’m sure you are going to enjoy this never ending entertainment on Netflix in this December.

Do comment us below that which one is your favourite!

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Best WebSeries List

Best WebSeries List

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